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Re: Your

From: Marcus Redivo (mredivo_at_<censored>)
Date: 2002-08-23 20:17:34

Jibben Nee said:
> Ahhh! Thank you so much. The problem now is that the init.d script
> won't work properly, so I can't start popbsmtpd. I think I can run it
> manually and will attempt that right now. Thanks again!

I was wondering about that, and I think I figured it out.

The init script expects the binary to be in /usr/sbin, and bails out if it
is not there. You can fix it in one of two ways; change the $RUNPATH in
the init script to point to where you have it, or move popbsmtpd to
/usr/sbin (disabling LIDS as per the HOWTO).
That should do it.


> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Marcus Redivo"
> To: "Jibben Nee"
> Sent: Friday, August 23, 2002 12:50 PM
> Subject: Your
>> Hi Jibben,
>> I have looked through your, and I see a couple of things that
> could
>> be changed.
>> First, the only network it acknowledges as being its own is the
>> loopback. You also need to tell it about the 192.168.2 network:
>> mynetworks =
>> It will now recognize all your 192.168.2.* machines as being local,
>> and permit relaying.
>> The second item is the order in which your restrictions are listed.
> Postfix
>> has two types of tests it can make in a restriction:
>> 1. A test that gives an unequivocal YES or NO
>> 2. A test that can return with "I DON'T KNOW"
>> Nothing after a test of the first kind matters; the item is either
> accepted
>> or rejected right there. But tests of the second kind only stop the
>> list processing if they return a definite answer. For example, looking
>> up an IP in a blacklist does not mean the mail is acceptable if it is
>> not found in the blacklist; further tests must be made.
>> check_relay_domains is a test of the first kind, and you have it
>> listed first, so none of the other tests ever gets executed. Try this
>> instead:
>> smtpd_recipient_restrictions = permit_mynetworks,
>> check_client_access hash:/etc/postfix/pop-before-smtpd
>> check_relay_domains
>> smtpd_client_restrictions = check_client_access
>> hash:/etc/postfix/pop-before-smtpd
>> Actually, because you have no other smtpd_client_restrictions, you
>> don't need to specify this one either. Other people need it here
>> because they
> have
>> other restrictions that will block the mail unless pop-before-smtpd
>> lets them through.
>> Good luck, and please let me know if this works...
>> Marcus Redivo
>> The Binary Tool Foundry

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