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Re: [EnGarde] Re: pop-before-smtp daemon is available

From: Marcus Redivo (mredivo_at_<censored>)
Date: 2002-08-22 16:47:06

That is the crux of the matter; IF putting the IP address into the db lets
you relay, then popbsmtpd can do its job. If not, it can't do anything.
I am willing to take a look at your, if you are willing to send it
to me. Maybe I can see something that is causing trouble, and we can get
it relaying properly.
A brief description of your setup would also help; is your server behind a
firewall? Does it have multiple ethernet cards?

Jibben Nee said:
> Hrm. I have followed the howto word for word and here is where I break
> down. At the step to test it by putting an IP into the file and
> rebuilding the .db, it still fails to work. I can still send to my
> domain thru the smtp but always could. Even in my intranet, I was never
> able to use the smtp as a relay for outside. And still I cannot.
> Another issue is with the init file. When I execute it, no matter what
> command i pass it, it never says anything back to me. It doesn't even
> give usage. But the thing is, I am technically not even on that step
> yet. Thanks again for the program. Just need to keep priming it to get
> it to work. Thanks for your response.
> Jibben
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Marcus Redivo"
> To: "Jibben Nee"
> Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2002 11:26 PM
> Subject: Re: [EnGarde] Re: pop-before-smtp daemon is available
>> Hello Jibben,
>> > ahhh sweet. at last! Thank you thank you :D.
>> My pleasure; I had fun writing it.
>> > ... After they are authorized, I'd like the users to
>> > be able to send mail to anywhere in the world they'd like to. That
>> > was not possible before. ...
>> That is exactly what they should now be able to do.
>> By putting the user's IP address into /etc/postfix/pop-before-smtp.db,
>> we treat them as equivalent to a local user until the timeout expires.
>> Each time they pick up their mail, they will be authorized to relay
>> from that moment on for as long as you specify with the auth_duration
>> parameter in popbsmtpd.conf.
>> Let me know how it works for you...
>> Regards,
>> Marcus Redivo

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